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Cruising Through Hurricane Season

Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 through November 30 – but, that’s no reason to avoid cruising the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera or Hawaii during those six months.

The chances that a hurricane will affect your cruise are small. An average hurricane season brings about eight to 11 tropical storms; of these, an average of five to seven develop into hurricanes. And, while hurricane season is officially six months long, activity usually peaks in August and September.

Perhaps most importantly, cruise ship captains and their crews are experts at avoiding storms. Rather than confront a storm, they will steer around it.

If certain ports become inaccessible due to a storm, the cruise lines will do everything they can to secure alternative ports. If that’s not possible, your ship may end up spending an extra day or two at sea. In the calmer waters away from the storm, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the ship’s amenities – you can even book a spa treatment in lieu of a shore excursion. Note that in these circumstances, cruise lines generally don’t compensate passengers for a missed port, though you might be reimbursed for unused port fees.


The possibility that a hurricane could disrupt your departure from or return to the port of embarkation is a good reason to build some extra time into the beginning and end of your cruise vacation. Plan to arrive in the port a day or two early in case of any difficulties along the way. Also, realize that weather delays could cause you to return from the cruise a day or two late, and plan accordingly. If you need to change hotel or travel arrangements on either end, call your travel professional for assistance.

The really good news about cruising during hurricane season is that cruise prices are often discounted. In addition, if you purchase trip insurance, your vacation investment can be protected from weather-related delays and disruptions.


For more information about the considerations of cruising during hurricane season, talk with your travel professional.


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